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DIY strategies, strengthened by AI for comprehensive cloud optimization

How can Cloud Optimize help?

Azure Auto Optimizer

Microsoft Azure
1-Click Report.. Coming soon
Overview of your cloud usage - in minutes

Optimize your Azure setup in minutes.
Reduce your cloud costs by up to 30 to 65%

AI recommendations

Recommendations on “Right-sizing”, “Reserved pricing”, Dev-QA “Auto Start-Stop” calendars and more. Gain a superior understanding of your infrastructure.

Out of box automation
Out of box

Nothing to script, nothing to run, nothing to maintain

Comprehensive optimization approach
optimization approach

One stop solution covering all optimization strategies from Dev-QA, “Auto Start-Stop” to cleanup of “Unused Resources”, “Right-Sizing”, “Reserved price planning” and more.


Powerful dashboards with DIY controls and guided cloud optimization strategies

Setup in minutes
Setup in minutes

Simple setup gets you going in minutes and start saving in under 10 minutes

Cross account authorization
Cross account authorization

No account credentials to be shared

How it works

You no longer need days/hours, coordinating with entire team. You can view AI recommendations on your infrastructure within minutes and be on your way to cloud savings.

Start with
Step 1
Apply suggestions
See Cloud costs go down

Azure Auto Optimize


Out of box automation with manual approvals
Large variety of optimization strategies

Gain multi-dimensional insights into your infrastructure. No more hunting around with multiple tools, services, going through hundreds of pages of cloud documentation.

Metrics from our customers

0 %
savings in cloud costs by applying Reserved price recommendations
0 %
savings in cloud costs by cleanup of Unused Resources
0 %
savings in cloud costs by Rightsizing of Underutilized VMs
0 %
savings in cloud costs by Auto Start-Stop of rarely used VMs

Customer Testimonials

As we were focused on delivering advanced features to customers, our cloud resources increased and so do costs. CloudAccel has been instrumental in optimizing our setup reducing costs by over 40%.
Healthcare Service Provider, Charlotte, NC

Frequently asked questions

Your account credentials are not requested. Instead, we follow the best practice of using “Cross account access” where you assign necessary permissions to CloudOptimize identity.

No. You can review the features without providing your Azure account access. Only when you want to get a recommendation for your account, you need to provide cross-account access. A simple step-by-step process guides you through the entire process.  

CloudOptimize provides detailed savings and corresponding potential impacts before applying optimizations. You will have an opportunity to understand the impact before making a decision. If you like further assistance, you could contact us for complimentary assistance.

We are bringing more valuable features. If you would like something specific, drop us a line at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Currently below listed Cost Optimization features are available:

  1. Unused Resources – Identifies unattached cloud resources. On approval, they are deleted to stop the wastage. 
  2. VM Auto Start-Stop – Shows list of VMs that can be potentially configured for “Auto Start-Stop”. An AI driven schedule based on last utilization history is presented to get you started.
  3. VM Rightsizing – Shows list of VMs with opportunity for Resize with AI driven recommendations based on utilization history

An Enterprise license allows you to run on-prem version. For details, please contact us at

CloudOptimize product is free while in beta for up to 100 VMs. If you want to try for more than 100 VMs, please contact us at

I have more questions!

Please contact us at

How can I get started?

Enrol in our private beta!

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