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A Signal for your Cloud Spend

In the ever-changing cloud usage scenarios, it becomes highly difficult to keep track of the cloud usage and monitor the associated budgets, at an organization level and at individual resource level. Manual monitoring becomes tedious after a while when it involves a huge Enterprise system. Questions Organizations need to ask continuously are:

  • Do we have Cloud usage policy that can be applied automatically and receive budget alerts, any time of the day?
  • Can the budget alert be deducted and notification sent without manual intervention?
  • Will having an automated budget alert result in best cloud optimization strategy and control cloud spend?

Budget Alerts are email notifications the user receives on a pre-defined cloud usage, set by the organization.

Budget Alert

Budget Alert
Unlimited budget alerts can be created and configured to suit individual VM’s cloud usage.
A sample budget alert (Bell Icon) for a VM is shown below.
Based on the Cloud Efficiency Rating (Indicated by Stars above), Potential Savings and
Recommendations, budget alerts can be EASILY created in no time. And so budget alerts
become the FIRST defense mechanism in controlling cloud spend.

Why Budget Alert?

Budget Alert Monitor
Monitor Cloud Spend

To monitor cloud usage and identify Cloud spend, when it overshoots user settings

Budget Alert Control
Control Cloud Spend

To control cloud spend at individual resources level

Budget Alert First Defense
First Defense

First defense mechanism in controlling cloud spend

Frequently asked questions

There is no upper limit on the number of Budget Alert that can be configured for a resource / VM.

Get the control back on your Cloud Spend with Budget Alerts!!

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