Cloud Cost Quick Review

(An Expert Scrutiny, Summary of your Cloud usage in 2 days!)
Cloud Cost Quick Review

Unlock your Azure Bill in 2 Days!

Get the CLARITY you need for more effective Cloud decisions

Do you know which Applications, Services cost the most?

Are your Cloud Bills too hard to understand?

What to expect from quick review?

How it is done?

Cloud Cost Quick Review

Experts with Superior tools!

Our Optimization experts use sophisticated Cloud cost analysis tools to scrutinize your Cloud Spend, go through with a fine-toothed comb, run analytics and provide you with: 

  • Cloud Spend Breakdown by Applications, Services
  • Answer questions, clear cloud cost concerns, compare alternatives¬†
  • Provide “Quick Win” Recommendations

How it works

Day 1


  • Provide overview
  • Address Ops, Security questions
  • Launch Passive Analysis
  • Analyze the results
  • Prepare initial reports

Icons - Cloud Cost Quick Review
Day 2


  • Present results
  • Answer questions
  • Go over long term needs
  • Prepare final Reports

Day 2

Final Reports

  • Present Quick Wins, Action Items
  • Present Alternatives, Comparisons
  • Provide clarity for short term and long term decisions

*All for $999

For up to 5 Applications, 20 Services
* Additional conditions may apply

Frequently asked questions

The tools we use do not interact with your applications, VMs, hosts, services, or networks. They operate in a passive, read-only mode. We will provide necessary details to your cloud, ops, and security teams regarding the setup and security.

The user need not share credentials. Exchange of data with our hosts/services does not happen. CloudOptimize runs entirely within your account.

Quick-Review costs $999 for up to 5 Applications of up to 20 services. A service refers to a database, java/dot net/nodejs application service, etc. Our team will help you assess the correct number of applications and services. If you have a larger / fewer number of services, do talk to us for special pricing.

Cloud Waste is a more significant burden than you realize. It does not just corrode your cloud budgets. It has a direct impact on gross margins and hence company valuation. You can continue to reap agility benefits from Cloud without having increased waste. It is not ok to spend on a resource 24×7 when it is IDLE two-thirds of the time (Nights and Weekends). Having the right tools to handle cloud waste will help fix optimization challenges quickly.

CloudOptimize helps you unlock your optimization challenges quickly.

To learn more, read our article –¬†3 Reasons Why Cloud Optimization Matters.

Quick-Review helps assess the current status of your cloud spend. You get a deeper understanding of cloud spend by applications, and services, identify quick win recommendations, including cleanup of unused resources, right-size resources with excess capacity, and select optimal reserve pricing.

Are the pages and pages of Cloud Bill items driving you insane?

Get the control back on your Cloud Spend!

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