CloudOptimize for Azure

(a SaaS Solution)
Chaos vs Order

CloudOptimize for Azure is a SAAS solution provided by CloudOptimize that learns your cloud usage and optimizes the cloud capacity, reducing cloud costs by 30-65%.

Below table compares the features provided by CloudOptimize for Azure (SAAS solution) and the all-new Cloud Efficiency Rating (CER) – 1 Click Report

CloudOptimize for Azure
CER – 1 Click Report

Measure Cloud Usage

Find Cloud waste

Generate - AI Recommendations

View - Executive Reports

View - Detailed Reports

VM Classification Report

User credentials sharing or Cross account authorization


Not needed

Apply recommended Optimization strategies

Refresh CER or Reports

Unlimited times

Single fetch data for last 30 days only.
No refresh available

Azure Subscriptions

All subscriptions within an Azure account considered

Only one subscription within an Azure account considered

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