Quickest way to chase down the Root cause!

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When your Application is down

Chasing down root cause is daunting!

Greater Complexity

Number of services, resources that make up an application is increasing

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Overwhelming metrics

Number of metrics, logs to sift through is exploding

Longer Time to Root Cause

Increasing time to zero in on root cause



ChasedownAI tracks health of services, resources that make up your application, and chase down the root cause in minutes

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Why ChasedownAI?

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Reduced Time to Root cause

Identify the resources/services that are the source of the problem

Application health breakdown

Visual breakdown by of health by application, services

Budget Alert Monitor
No additional APM

Uses Azure native Monitor metrics. No additional APM installation required


Application health that cross functional teams from Ops, Devs, InfoSec, to Architects can understand!

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When your Application is unhealthy,

How quickly can you IDENTIFY the root cause?
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Be prepared to identify root cause quickly when your application fails !
Want to have a better control during your Application downtimes?
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