Cloud Efficiency Rating


A Barometer of your Cloud Usage

A 5-level rating system – Higher the rating – Better the utilization

How to interpret?
Cloud Efficiency Rating Definition
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Key benefits of CER

Key metrics
Key Metrics

Simple 5-level rating, at the cloud subscription level and individual VMs level

Single Rating for All

A single rating with shared meaning across multiple teams enabling collaboration towards Optimization

Reduce by 30%-65%

Gets on an Expressway to cut cloud waste and lower cloud costs by at least 30% to 65%

1 Click infra report
1-Click Report

No Complicated Setup. Launched easily.

Report generation time
Under 30 mins

CER and reports generated in under 30 minutes


No credentials to be shared. Not a byte exchanged with us.

How it works

A single metric to gauge cloud utilization, eliminate waste, generate AI recommendations, lower cloud costs at least by 30%-65% in minutes-hours, not months-years.  

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Rating, Savings & Reports

Optimization with

Frequently asked questions

Cloud accounts have numerous resources, launched by multiple team members for a wide variety of workloads over months-years. CER gives a single rating to understand utilization across all such resources. CER is similar to a credit score for each resource. Resources that have better utilization have a higher rating and those with lower utilization have a lower rating. Rating of each of the resources contributes to the overall rating at the account level.

  • CER helps you quickly understand fiscal discipline in your cloud account
  • It’s a common rating that facilitates and enables meaningful conversations between developers, operations, finance, and Exec Management over cloud utilization
  • CloudOptimize is an end to end optimization solution where you not only get CER but also AI recommendations to improve ratings and automation to apply the recommendations
  • Bottom line – Lower cloud efficiency drains your cloud budgets. CER helps you measure, improve and maintain the efficiency

Now that you know your CER, What NEXT? 

CloudOptimize provides the following 4 AI strategies and reports, which help you to analyze and reshape your cloud health, resulting in an  immediate reduction in cloud costs and a higher CER.

  • Unused Resources
  • Auto Start-Stop
  • Rightsizing
  • Reserved Pricing

CloudOptimize’s CER report solution is free to use for all.

“Cloud Efficiency Rating (CER)” is generated only once at the time of 1 Click Infra report access using the browser. If you need continuous ratings, reports, and automation, place an  enterprise license request (or) signup with CloudOptimize service.

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