for Azure

Lower your cloud costs by 30%-65%

Microsoft Azure

4K - 4W - 1A - 30%

$4k-4 weeks-1 Application*-30% min. reduction in Cloud Costs

*1 Application comprising up to 4 services. Additional conditions may apply.

Why LeanCloud?


Emphasis on Reliability

Full Control and involvement of Ops, Dev and Finance teams while making optimization decisions. Charts, metrics for speedier discussions and decisions.


In-depth Visibility

Dashboards to get a bird’s eye view of your cloud spend by applications.


No Risk

Unless Azure cost savings are at least 30%, no cost to you. Nothing to pay, zero down and that means something!

*Introductory offer:

  • Continuous optimization for the first full year beyond 4 weeks.
  • 12-month FREE CloudOptimize.io cloud subscription, a $2k value
  • Deep discounts on enterprise versions
  • What to expect from LeanCloud

    The Managed Optimization Service sets up full suite of controls and processes required for continuous Cloud Optimization.

    LeanCloud Features

    Customer Testimonials

    It was hard to see our way around high cloud costs, But LeanCloud changed all that. Our cloud costs were reduced by over 60%,and even better, LeanCloud helped us keep waste at its lowest levels!
    CEO Prochant

    Frequently asked questions

    LeanCloud is a managed Cloud Optimization, white-glove service to eliminate your cloud waste and reduce azure costs. Our Optimization specialists assess your needs, review your azure account, generate and share AI recommendations, dashboards, discuss and provide in-depth guidance, apply the ones approved by you and set up continuous optimization. LeanCloud comes with savings assurance. If the savings are not achieved, service is free.

    Emphasis is placed throughout the engagement to eliminate any impact on reliability. We will not only filter our recommendations that do not fit your reliability expectations, but we also bring in reports and insights about various alternatives, along with pros and cons. This will help you make proper decisions based on your business needs.

    No credentials are to be shared. With SAAS service, you provide cross-account access to CloudOptimize service. You can disable the access anytime from within your account. For qualified customers, we also offer Azure App mode. CloudOptimize runs entirely within your account. Your data or credentials are not outside your network.

    LeanCloud costs $4k per 1 Application, up to 4 services. A service refers to the database, java/dotnet/nodejs application service, etc. Our team will help you assess the correct number of applications and services. If you have a larger/fewer number of services, do talk to us for special pricing.

    Cloud Waste is a more significant burden than you realize. It does not just corrode your cloud budgets. It has a direct impact on gross margins and hence company valuation. You can continue to reap agility benefits from Cloud without having increased waste. It is not ok to spend on a resource 24×7 when it is IDLE two-thirds of the time (Nights and Weekends). Having the right tools to handle cloud waste will help fix optimization challenges quickly.

    CloudOptimize helps you unlock your optimization challenges quickly.

    To learn more, read our article – 3 Reasons Why Cloud Optimization Matters

    CloudOptimize helps you find and fix unused or idle resources, right-size the resources, provide auto start-stop of services, and select optimal reserve pricing. All this is achieved in an integrated fashion while giving complete visibility and control.

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